Thursday, June 2, 2011

Almost Vacation Time!

Tomorrow after work, we will be leaving for our 2011 vacation.  This year, we are going to Scott's sisters house in Selmer, TN.  While there, we will be visiting Pickwick Lake where we will fish, ride the boat and intertube, and swim!  We are all excited and know that we'll all have a good time.  Scott also wants to visit Shiloh.  Neither of us has ever been there.  Most of all, we are just looking forward to having the week off together.  I'm sure I will take LOADS of pictures, so I will post some when I get the chance!  Looking forward to this "not so far" vacation!  <3 Life!! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Walk Of Hope

Today our bank is hosting its Walk of Hope Sack Lunch Sale!  We are selling hamburger or bbq bologna, chips, drink, and dessert for $5.  You sure can't beat that!  The grill is set up outside under the shade tree, but shade tree or no, in 98 degree weather, it's gonna be HOT.  I don't envy the guys cooking at all.  I will sure enjoy eating my hamburger later on today though LOL!  Walk of Hope is such a great cause.  It is an organization that raises money for cancer awareness and cures.  The money raised within the community STAYS within the community to help those in need!  My family has been affected first hand by cancer.  Scott's father, Randall Scott Caudill, died of cancer at the age of 46.  We have a picture at home of Scott (my husband) pushing his dad in a wheel chair around the track at Walk of Hope the year he died.  Such a great reminder of the good things Walk of Hope does for our community and those affected by this dreaded disease.  So, if you haven't supported the Walk of Hope by buying a sack lunch today, find a way to support!  It is a GREAT cause and you never know the lives that you are helping touch through the many outreaches of this organization!  <3 Life!!