Friday, July 29, 2011


It seems it's been FOREVER since I posted something!!  And I guess it has HAHA!  Anyways, lots of things have been going on lately, some good, some bad.  But God is faithful and will not put more on us than we can handle...WITH HIM!  July is the month of many birthdays for our family!  Saturday was my Dad's.  Unfortunately, we lost a great friend and the steel player of our group on that day as well.  He suffered with cancer and now He's playing in Heaven!!  Yesterday was my birthday and my husband got my family together to celebrate.  It was a hoot and many more GREAT memories were made!  I am now officially 30 years old.  WOW, where does the time go????  I'm a young 30 though lol.  I will post pics of this event tonight hopefully.  Just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm still here and still trucking.  Hopefully, I will figure out how to post on my blog from my new smart phone which I've gotten since I started this blog.  Hope you all have a marvelous day!!!!