Monday, August 29, 2011


Happy Monday to everyone!  First of all, let me clarify that we DID NOT go to the high school football game on Friday like I previously posted.  We had every good intention, but when Scott and I got home and settled, there was no getting back out LOL!  Don't we sound like an old married couple?!?! HAHA!  Anyways, from what I hear, it was another blowout and would have been a disappointment to watch anyways.  I really hate to say that, but no one wants to go pay money for a "not so good" game.

Well, today's blogging will be about the DENTIST!  First of all, let me say that I believe I go to the best one in this area.  Dr. Sullivan is da man, well, BOTH Dr. Sullivans!  I have been a patient of Dr. Jerry Sullivan since I can remember.  And while going to school at West KY Community and Technical College, I did my internship with him.  I also worked for him for two years after graduating from that school, until I decided to be a stay-at-home mom.  So, needless to say, I am VERY partial to Dr. Sullivan and his staff.  NOW, Dr. Jerry's son, Gabe, who I attended high school with, is the primary dentist.  He has saved me LOTS of pain by doing an extraction that would normally be sent to an oral surgeon after I broke a third molar here at work.  I have LOTS of confidence in him as well.  So now, after the plug....the dread!  Today I have a dentist appointment.  I think I am dreading it as much as I dreaded BOTH of my c-sections LOL.  Yes, I know that sounds ludicrous, but I just can't help it.  I can work in YOUR mouth all day long, but I HATE to have someone work on mine!  I just dread what they may tell me HAHA!  Just pray for me as I face the dental chair this afternoon HAHA!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, football season has arrived!  Tonight we will be going to our 2nd football game for our Union City High School Tornadoes!  Looks like we'll be getting more involved since Kayelee has entered middle school!  I have to say I enjoy it though.  Football's not my favorite sport, but I've been watching and learning for the past couple of weeks!  I really hope UC pulls off a win tonight.  We played OCCHS last week and lost 36-6.  It was horrible!  I hated it for our team so bad:(  I'm not saying that we would have won, but our main quarterback was hurt during practice, so the TORNADOES had to perform without him...and I do know enough about football to know that your quarterback is pretty important lol!  Anyways, hoping for a good game tonight.  I'm thinking the weather will be nice tonight as well, so we'll see. UC UC UC UC UC UC UC.................... 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bible Study

Hey Everyone!  Today is Wednesday.  I know, it's been a few days since I posted, but to be honest, sometimes I just forget LOL!  Those that know me will not be surprised at that statement.  Anyways, as I was pondering what to blog about, Bible study came to mind.  Scott and I have always put an emphasis on the Bible, prayer, and our beliefs (based on the Bible) to our children.  However, I am ashamed to say that it (Bible study) hasn't always been a priority in our home.  But, in the past few weeks, the Lord has really been dealing with Scott and I about some things, Bible study being one of those.  For you see, we, along with MANY others, have come to the conclusion that if your kids don't get it at home, they won't get it.  Even since I was a kid/teenager, the face of the church has changed dramatically.  Things are tolerated that shouldn't be, the Holy Spirit does not move (whether because we don't allow Him to, or because we don't know what to do with Him when He comes), the blessings of God are taught, but not HELL (which DOES exist)!  I can't remember the last time we heard someone talk from the pulpit about being filled with the Holy Ghost or speaking in tongues for that matter (which we believe in:).  And trust me, I'm not blaming anyone but myself!  My kids MUST see it in ME!  We have been doing a Bible study on the book of Proverbs and wisdom, along with other Bible books and topics here and there.  There have been some very enlightening conversations with our 11 and 7 year olds.  I am proud to say that they are engaging themselves in these Bible studies.  Sometimes it seems that these studies are in vain.  The kids are tired and sluggish, they don't comment much, or you can tell they are in lala land.  (not ALL the time, but sometimes LOL)  However, as times passes, I will notice them both making comments about certain things we have recently talked about and I realize they are GETTING IT!!  And that just proves the point of how very important teaching your kids is. Especially in these end times!!  We are responsible for making sure our kids know what it takes to be ready for Jesus' return which is SOON AND VERY SOON!  Just wanted to encourage you!  Yes, it takes effort, and sometimes does not "fit" into our schedules.  I know at my house, it might be 9:30 before we begin, but in the scheme of life, what's more important?!?!   NOTHING!  Have a great day guys!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I shouldn't say "finally" friday, like I don't like every other day, but it makes for a title for this blog lol:)  I really don't have much to say today, but you know me...I can conjure up something!  This weekend, I plan to clean my house.  It's been a while since I REALLY cleaned.  Scott and I do things every night that help keep it orderly, but I'm talking about getting out the chemicals and thoroughly cleaning!  I guess I will do this tomorrow while Scott is at work:(  I hate it when he has to work on weekends, but also hate to complain because I am VERY thankful that he has a great job.  After he gets off, we are planning to go to the UNION CITY vs CENTRAL football game.  It will be my kids' first HS football game.  I think they are excited...or at least I HOPE they are!!  The only problem I foresee is what side to sit on.  We are going with our friends, the Crawfords, whose kids go to the county schools.  Our kids go to the city schools.  AND Gary and I went to UC, but Dawn and Scott went to, my, my!!!!  I really hope the weather cooperates as well....hoping it's not rainy AND not too hot!  However it turns out, I'm sure it will be fun!  And of course, on Sunday, we will attend church of our choice...haha....those that know us know why!  Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today, we saluted the local National Guard Troop 913 as they headed out for Afghanistan.  As I was watching through the window at work, I realized just how very blessed we are with so many BRAVE soldiers.  They are essentially throwing themselves into the great unknown, and why?  For our freedom.  I don't agree with alot of things that are going on in this country, but I still think we have the best country on Earth.  I am very thankful to live in the "land of the free, and the home of the brave".  So today, I want to thank each and every one of the men and women that are so freely giving their lives for us.  And also to their families who are left behind....THANK YOU!  It is my prayer that God will watch over and protect our military as they go abroad to accomplish their mission.  God bless the USA!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FaIr TiMe

Tonight we will brave the crowds at the Obion County Fair!  My kids are super excited for this once a year event!  I wish I was as excited lol...although I'm sure once I get there, I will have a blast.  This year, me, along with our (Scott and my family) and several friends are going.  I think it will be a fun time!  I already have the cash out of the bank HAHAHA!  I can honestly say that the thing I look forward to the most is the FOOD!!!  Caramel Apples, Funnel Cakes, Hamburgers, Lemonade, Cotton Candy (just a few of the Caudill favs)....I can taste it all now.  I'm also really thankful for the weather.  It has cooled down tremendously the past few days.  Temps are in the high 80's during the day, and dropping to the 60's at night.  By 6 o'clock, it should be superb weather!  I know I've been saying this for a while, but the plan is to post pics on here...hopefully soon!  I keep forgetting when I get home...seems other things grab my attention, surprise, surprise.  Well, IF you go to the OC Fair tonight, I'll probably see you there!!! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Registration Day!

Well, today I registered both kids for the 2011-2012 school year!  It was smooth sailing, but I can't help but be a little nervous and sad all at the same time:)  We went to the middle school first to register Kayelee for sixth grade.  Her teacher is Mrs. Cox.  I'm not really familiar with her, but there are several kids in the class that we have been with before, so that eased my mind a little bit.  You can already tell the difference far as independence and stuff like that.  She'll do fine though!  Mrs. Cox issued a locker to her and we got to go out and practice opening it with the combination.  Kayelee did well, and I'm thankful because that's the one thing she kept mentioning over and I think that was her biggest worry!  After we finished up at the middle school, we made the drive across the street to the elementary school.  Riley will be in second grade this year and his teacher is Mrs. Bondurant.  I graduated with Mrs. Bondurant's husband, Dylan, who is an optometrist here in town.  So, I am a little more familiar with her.  She seems really sweet and interacted GREAT with the kids!  Riley was a ham as usual:)  Joke here, joke there, jokes EVERYWHERE!!!  Some little boy had the same tennis shoes as him and he had a little issue with that LOL!  I think the kids will have a GREAT year!  Let's Go TORNADOES!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well, today I woke up a brunette....well, I actually went to bed as one last night too lol.  I decided to give this hair some color!  I LOVE blond highlights, but my roots were showing terrible.  And I pulled the impatient card and just dyed it myself....sorry Allison:(  I'll be back though...I'm sure I'll want those highlights back before too much longer! Anyways, the new color is taking some getting used to.  It's a little dark right now, but a few washings and it will be right where i want it (fingers crossed:)  Also, today is 6th grade open house at Union City Middle School!  YES, my daughter is a middle schooler.  Hard to believe, but it's here:)  I'm a little leary, but excited all at the same time!  I'm excited for her to start band since we love music so much.  She decided to play the clarinet too!  That makes me happy because that's the instrument I played!  There are just so many things that she can involve herself in, and I'm anxious to see her begin this new journey.  Yes, I worry...but all I can do is raise her right and pray for God's protection and guidance on her life.  It's a new season, it's a new day....and we're gonna enjoy every minute of it!!!   Good day all!!! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks 8 years that I have been married to my sweet husband!  I am so very blessed with a sweet, honest, hard-working, Christian man.  So thankful for so many things that led up to me meeting him.  He is my best friend and I LOVE HIM!  We just had an awesome weekend with friends and family.  On Saturday, we went to Jackson with some friends, the Crawfords.  God placed them in our lives as well, and we are very thankful for their friendship.  This past weekend was tax-free weekend in Tennessee, so our families took advantage and bought some school items for our kiddos.  Yes, it is almost that time again!!  My kids will register on the 11th and their first full day with be August 15:(  Anyways, back to the weekend.  On Sunday, my Unlce Tom preached at Trenton First Assembly of God.  My family, the Crawfords, Mom and Dad, my Grandmother, The Duncans, and my brother's family all went.  It was a great time and a GREAT sermon that spoke to all of our hearts!  We also did some singing which I always thoroughly enjoy:)  After church, we made the trek back to UC and ate at Lepantos.  After eating, we all met up at Mom and Dad's.  It was so fun.  We sat around....Dad and Tom pulled out some guitars and we sang some old hyms and other songs.  Such a blessing!  It was a great day with family and friends.  I am blessed beyond measure and I never cease to thank God for that fortune.  People may let you down, but I'm thankful for a faithful, loving family, and a handful of friends that we can always count on!! And now, I'll post some lyrics to an old, OLD song from years ago:

There's a roof up above me, I've a good place to sleep
There's food on my table, and shoes on my feet
You gave me Your love Lord, and a fine family
Thank You Lord, for Your blessings on me!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well, today I will probably keep this post short and sweet!  This morning I woke up with the most terrible back pain I have EVER encountered.  I sure don't want to have this ANYMORE!  I'm usually not a public complainer (I get it all out at home to my husband and kids lol), but this pain is horrendous!  I have taken a muscle relaxer and some other pain medications, and nothing is easing the pain.  I think a heating pad and icy hot will be my best friends tonight! Hope you all have a marvelous day!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drummer Boy!

Tonight is Tuesday, and most Tuesday's are "Borders Band" practice!  We are excited to be playing with a new drummer, Mr. Steve James.  We met Steve recently at church and he has just fallen right into place.  We are practicing tonight at 6pm and I'm SO excited.  I love it, if you can't tell HAHA!  Hopefully, before too long, we will book some dates and start singing out again.  We have been on the down-low for a while because of the health issues going on with our steel player, Bill.  Unfortunately, Bill passed away a week ago:(  But we will carry on....that's what he would want us to do:)  Until next time.........

Monday, August 1, 2011

What A Blast!!

This past weekend was such a good time for me and my family!  On Saturday, my family, along with my parents, my brother and his clan, my Grandmother (our kids' Granny), and cousin, Drue and his girlfriend, Kristen all got together to do some birthday celebrating! (i'm sure my previous sentence is a compound, compound, compound sentence LOL!)  It was SO much fun!  I got some really nice gifts...SO nice that I want to turn thrity again next year!  It was so much fun!  I really enjoy spending time with my family, and I try not to take having a "good" family for granted!  Like I said in my last post...I hope to post pics soon of some of the things I've been blogging about!  Stay tuned though, I'm gonna do my best to keep this thing current!:)