Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Today was the first day of school for the kids!  Kayelee is in 7th grade, and Ri is in 3rd!!  We had a GREAT morning and for that I am thankful!  Gone are the days of having to "help" them get ready...sad, but true!  We even had time for the infamous "first day of school" pic.  I pray that God will give them an awesome year, with fun, friendships, and loads of learning. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Well, 2012 has made its entrance!!  Yesterday, which was New Year's Eve, we celebrated more than just the new year, but Christmas again as well!!  We traveled all the way to the big metropolis of Selmer, TN to celebrate with Scott's sister, Brandi, and her family.  It was a great day with unseasonable weather, which we really enjoyed.  The kids (my two and Brandi's son) took a trip through the woods and shot many guns...don't worry, JUST BB guns and airsoft guns.  They had a good time, and so did the adults. I didn't have my camera, but thankfully Kayelee I can share SOME of the pics from the day:)
Scott, his mom Connie, and sister Brandi

Kayelee, Ri, and Lake

Having some silly fun!

Kayelee shooting her BB gun

Ri shooting his BB gun

...and Lake shooting one of his MANY

The kids getting ready to explore in the woods

SO, as you can was had by ALL!!

As night came along, Caudill/Crawford time was had for the first time in what seems like many months!!  We brought in the New Year with lots of food and game-playing here at Caudill Casa.  We are thankful for them and glad that we were able to bring in the new year together! 
Ri and Jake...teamwork

Jake and Scott...rules being explained...not sure they were understood by Scott though HA!

Scott and I right at midnight!

Me and my pretty girl:)


Somehow the guys ALWAYS win...i think they cheat

Kailyn and Kayelee getting in on the fun

Dawn and I...New Year's Eve

The guys playing 'BUZZ WORD'

...back to being silly

the boys did NOT want their pictures made!

So, goodbye 2011, and hello 2012...THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR BLESSINGS ON ME!!