Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Battlefield of the Mind

A few years ago I read Joyce Meyer's best-seller, Battlefield of the Mind.  I have remembered the words of its' pages since.  Satan will try to put things on our minds from past "bad"experiences that, if allowed, can divert our attention from present successes.  He (Satan) will also try to plant things in our minds that don't even exist i.e., certain situations within relationships (marriages, friendships, kid/parent).  But we are overcomers in Jesus!  I am SO thankful that God is the Commander and Chief of the battlefield of MY mind.  So, let this encourage you...if you are dealing with mind games that will not give you release, turn it over to HIM!  The tongue and mind are the hardest things for us to put under subjection.  And that is why we must let God help us.  I am an overcomer and YOU can be too!! 

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