Monday, May 23, 2011

COMPLETELY Forgotten!!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA.....I have already forgotten about my blog!!  WOW!  That didn't take long!!!:)  Really, I was going to update this thing EVERY day and I forgot I even had one over the weekend.  Either I had a really busy and fun weekend, or I just had a brain lapse.  I plead guilty to both!  So, let's play catch up.  This past weekend was great.  My husband and I did some touch up painting in our 8 month old house (well, 8 months since WE moved in).  Nothing major, just filled in some nail holes from the previous owners, and then painted a wall in the kitchen just because I thought it would look better....and it does!!!  I LOVE working on my house.  I am so thankful for it and even at my other house, I always took pride in it and wanted it to be nice and especially "homey".  Besides, it IS where I'm raising my children and I always want them to know where "home" is!  Speaking of homes, we visited our friends, The Barners' new home on Saturday night!  We had a really great time and enjoyed getting to hang out in their abode.  Many pictures were taken, and I will post some of those later today.  Sunday was another GREAT service!  I always look forward to "Son"days!  Then, after church, we did our "every Sunday meal" at Mom's.  It was YUMMO!  We had ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, cornbread, pinto beans, rolls (i think that's it)....YES, she does this EVERY Sunday!  And I love it.  That is some good eatin' folks!  And since we no longer have night services, family time was had by all!  We enjoyed some time out in the yard playing with our beloved dog, Jake ( I should really post a pic of that cutie) It stormed again last night in TN too.  Just as we had drifted off to sleep, we were awakened by hail, rain, and strong winds, along with thunder and lightening...NOT some of my favorite combos.  But I did get a good nights rest nonetheless (my favorite BIG word lol)  AND TODAY:  it's been a great day!  Work was major drama:)  Things went smoothly and the cash drawer balanced HAHA!  IT BETTER!!  Now, I just picked my kids up from school and I am awaiting my husband.  I guess we'll have a night of doing whatever we want since there are no ballgames or other plans tonight!  I think I'm gonna like this!!  NO, I KNOW I'm gonna like this!...<3 Life!! 

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