Friday, May 27, 2011

Tupperware Party

Last night I attended my first ever tupperware party!  It was held at my house, but wasn't my party.  It was my sister-in-law, Brandi's grand opening party.  Since she lives in Selmer, my house was just the gathering spot!  It was a fun time too:)  Brandi's regional rep was there to walk her through her first show and while demonstrating the money tupperware products (which are awesome by the way!), we made salsa.  It was SO yummy!  Everyone at the party was excited to look through the catalogs and purchase new tupperware.  To our knowledge, there are not alot of tupperware salesman in this area, so the party went over really well.  And I'm not a salesperson, but their products are extremely durable and have a lifetime warranty.  My mom realized that bowls she had recently thrown away, which she had for many years, could have been replaced with brand new ones!  She was a little disappointed HAHA!  I was glad to be a part of Brandi's first show and I wish her well in this new little business adventure.  I will be hosting a party for her with some of MY friends within the next few weeks!  Hopefully, I can have a good party for her!  <3 Life!!

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