Monday, May 16, 2011


Today has started off with a BANG!  First, I had to get up a few minutes earlier to make sure I had time enough to pack Ri's lunch for field day today:)  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the "jobs" of motherhood, but sometimes those few minutes of extra sleep make such a difference to my day.  And what makes it worse is on Mondays, I am to be at work at 7:15 instead of the normal time of 8:00.  Anyways,  we made it out the door with time to spare, thankfully.  On Mondays, my Mom is gracious enough to let my kids come over since I do have to be at work so early.  She takes them to school every Monday and they look forward to this each week!  They will miss this during the summertime while they are out of school.  My workday has been very busy, but good.  I am thankful to work at a place where I love my job AND the people.  We all get along which is a HUGE blessing, especially since the majority of the employees are women HAHA!  In all seriousness though, First State Bank is a great place to work, and for my job, I am extremely thankful!!  Kayelee graduates from the DARE program today at school.  She was all excited about it...getting the t-shirt, certificate of completion, and whatever else they will grace them with LOL!  Dentist appointments are today at 4:00 for both kids.  I am anxious about that.  The kids do really well with their teeth, but the dental assistant in me always thinks of the worst!  And then tonight, we have a free night at home...woot woot!  I am REALLY excited about that.  Yes, it will be full of cooking, cleaning, and preparing for tomorrow...but I will be HOME!  I am so blessed and I NEVER want to take my life for granted!  This Mommy business is work, but it sure is FUN!!!

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