Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekends A'comin!!

Today is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!  I love this day:)  Well, I really love everyday, but Friday is the day that leads to the weekend, which leads to time with my husband and kids and parents and church and ballgames and shopping and playing in the flowers and playing with the kids and washing the vehicle (well, maybe not THAT hahaha)...get my drift?  i LOVE my weekends!  This weekend we have a few things going on.  Tonight, there is a block party at the kids' school.  They have food, games, jumpy houses, and the principal gets in a dunking booth (which the kids think is the funniest thing ever).  Then tomorrow, Scott will go and hit a few golf balls with a friend early in the morning.  I'm so happy for him.  He usually puts things like that off in order to be with me and help me out with the kids, house, and whatever else!  He really is a good husband and he deserves some time doing something JUST for him.  Then, I get my hair done later in the morning.  I am super stoked about that!  It hasn't been colored in a few months, so it is definitely time!  I think I'm gonna go back to the blond highlights for the summer.  I just like them AND my hair fixes so much better when I have that color in my hair!  Then, after my hair appointment, Ri has a t-ball game.  I really enjoy watching my little man play.  He really is a natural and I think he will eventually be a really good ball player.  Kind of like his Dad, I hope!  Then, maybe I will have some time to work on my house as far as laundry, cleaning, and all that jazz.  I am a clean freak and like things so so.  I get it honest, trust me haha.  Saturday night we are going to some church friends' house.  They recently moved to the big metropolis of Obion, and we are gonna break the place in with one of our "gang" get-togethers.  I love having good church friends!  They are the best!  And speaking of church, that's where we'll be on Sunday!  Looking forward to another great service!  Well, there is a highlight of the Caudills weekend plans.  Now, as you all know, we can only plan and hope that things pull together.  I am a realist though and expect for something to be thrown off kilter!  But you know what....the older I get, the more I am learning to just go with the flow and do what I can!  Life is GOOD, God is GREAT, and I am STILL Blessed!!  <3 Life!!!  

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