Thursday, May 26, 2011


Just let me say "ENOUGH ALREADY" with all these storms!!  I am fully aware that we have been really fortunate in this area compared to people in say, Joplin, MO.  For that, I am extremely thankful!  But still, I am so tired of this weather.  Yet, I know that this is the ultimate plan of God as far as end times, but geez!  Anyways, last night was another "rough" one.  We had called the kids in from playing outside, and not long after, the tornado sirens went off.  Alright, HERE WE GO!  They went off for what seemed like an eternity.  I guess when you're in that situation though, it DOES seem like an eternity.  I emptied out the coat closet, which is surprisingly the only interior space in our new home.  The kids went to their rooms and pulled out every blanket they had in their closets and 2 pillows each.  They were doing really well until the hail started pounding on the windows:(  It broke my heart to see my kiddos scared.  And you can'th help but think, "Is this really the way we're gonna go out?!?!"  So, when I began to see the fear and panic in their eyes, and hear it in their cries, we began to pray.  It was amazing the calm that came when we prayed for God's peace and comfort to surround us.  Guys, He REALLY hears us and is with us no matter what!!  It's amazing to me, but He is amazing, so I really shouldn't be surprised.  After about 10-15 minutes, it began to calm down outside...even though the skies were wicked looking.  The four of us walked outside to survey any damage that might have taken place.  Luckily, nothing had happened to Caudill Casa except the mailbox had been blown almost sideways.  I think we can manage.  We did have a few neighbors that had shingles flying off everywhere.  But nothing too extensive.  After picking up trash and limbs that had blown onto our property, we went back inside to enjoy the rest of the night.  We hadn't been in 30 minutes when the power went out, and stayed out for a good hour.  And of course, as soon as it goes out, my youngest decides he is hungry.  So, I use a candle lighter to search under the kitchen sink for my oil lamp.  I finally found it and lit it for him as he ate a bowl of cereal HAHA!  We explained to him that people WAAAAY back in the day were raised up by candlelight and oil lamps.  Of course, neither he, nor I even, can imagine!  We are so spoiled.  The funny thing was we were leaving to go to my parents where there WAS electricity...I go to open the garage door and.....NOTHING!  Just a habit to flip a switch or push a button and wa-la!  Not so much!!  All in all,  the night was not too bad.  We were a little more guarded than normal, but let our guard down a tad when the kids had a light saber "fight" in the lights out conditions!!  Thanks Lord for Your protection on my family, friends, and our home.....<3 Life!!

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