Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, football season has arrived!  Tonight we will be going to our 2nd football game for our Union City High School Tornadoes!  Looks like we'll be getting more involved since Kayelee has entered middle school!  I have to say I enjoy it though.  Football's not my favorite sport, but I've been watching and learning for the past couple of weeks!  I really hope UC pulls off a win tonight.  We played OCCHS last week and lost 36-6.  It was horrible!  I hated it for our team so bad:(  I'm not saying that we would have won, but our main quarterback was hurt during practice, so the TORNADOES had to perform without him...and I do know enough about football to know that your quarterback is pretty important lol!  Anyways, hoping for a good game tonight.  I'm thinking the weather will be nice tonight as well, so we'll see. UC UC UC UC UC UC UC.................... 

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