Thursday, August 11, 2011

Registration Day!

Well, today I registered both kids for the 2011-2012 school year!  It was smooth sailing, but I can't help but be a little nervous and sad all at the same time:)  We went to the middle school first to register Kayelee for sixth grade.  Her teacher is Mrs. Cox.  I'm not really familiar with her, but there are several kids in the class that we have been with before, so that eased my mind a little bit.  You can already tell the difference far as independence and stuff like that.  She'll do fine though!  Mrs. Cox issued a locker to her and we got to go out and practice opening it with the combination.  Kayelee did well, and I'm thankful because that's the one thing she kept mentioning over and I think that was her biggest worry!  After we finished up at the middle school, we made the drive across the street to the elementary school.  Riley will be in second grade this year and his teacher is Mrs. Bondurant.  I graduated with Mrs. Bondurant's husband, Dylan, who is an optometrist here in town.  So, I am a little more familiar with her.  She seems really sweet and interacted GREAT with the kids!  Riley was a ham as usual:)  Joke here, joke there, jokes EVERYWHERE!!!  Some little boy had the same tennis shoes as him and he had a little issue with that LOL!  I think the kids will have a GREAT year!  Let's Go TORNADOES!!!!

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